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How This Works For Students/Parents

    1. Provide Student InformationCREATE A STUDENT PROFILE then request up to 6 local tutors
    2. Communicate to Confirm a Good MatchUpon tutor confirmation, you can talk on the phone and get started
    3. All Payments are Logged in your Account HistoryWe bill your credit card (or PayPal) as needed, then pay the tutor
    4. See Great ResultsGet tutoring when you want and see great results

The Best Home Tutoring Service

    For over a decade we've been providing to-your-door home tutoring to students in several cities for a multitude of subjects, with the most popular being reading literacy for children, math proficiency in algebra through calculus, homework help, and test preparation. Our tutors can provide a variety of services including: tutoring, assessments, evaluation, mentoring, homework help, study skills, organization, and test preparation. Our online system is completely transparent and allows you to search for local tutors matching your subject criteria, browse through tutor profiles to find the perfect match, securely create a free account, then directly request their services (like a Friend Request) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Best of all, since we don't have to pay for an office or tutoring center, our markup is only about 20%, and we give larger discounts the more credits you buy!

    This translates to: less cost to our customers, more opportunity for our students, higher pay for our teachers, more jobs for our tutors, a smarter community, better education, and a stronger economy.

    This is the FUTURE of TUTORING

Why We Are Different

    Hello, my name is Jupiter and I started this tutoring company over 10 years ago at a time when very few in-home tutoring companies existed. Now home tutoring services are "a dime a dozen," but many fundamental differences still set mine apart from the rest. Most importantly is that I truly care for every student, parent, tutor, and teacher with whom I work. There are no setup fees, driving fees, or contracts and TUTORING PRICES are as low as possible to encourage long-term relationships, numerous referrals, and repeat business. I treat my tutors with the respect they deserve and allow them to specify their desired payrate to ensure good service, dedication, loyalty, consistency, and integrity. I do my best to confirm that all tutors are genuine in heart, skill, merit, and ability to provide quality services to their student; and instead of charging different rates based on student subject or grade level, the customer can choose who they want and whether to utilize the higher ranked tutor, or the less expensive one.

What We Offer

  • We are a national registry of tutors, allowing students to receive services anywhere in the United States
  • We have 34 active websites covering 19 specialty cities and 15 national genres (links at bottom of page)
  • Individual private home tutoring in most academic subjects including advanced math and science like algebra, geometry, calculus, chemistry, physics, etc.
  • Our website allows the customer to sort through a customized list of tutor profiles so they can choose their own local tutor who specializes in the student's specified subjects
  • Customizable PRIVATE TUTOR LIST with tutor profiles
  • Private tutors can provide a variety of services including tutoring, assessments, evaluation, mentoring, homework help, study skills, organization, and test preparation
  • K-8, high school, test prep, college, and adult level tutoring in a variety of topics
  • We focus on state school curriculums whenever possible
  • We constantly analyze tutor statistics for response times and renewal rates to confirm the tutor is active and effective
  • We review customer feedback to confirm overall satisfaction with their specific educator

What You Want

  • NO sign up fees, setup fees, driving fees, or long term contracts
  • A secure and completely transparent online accounting system which allows the customer to see all activity, payments, and charges to the account
  • Local tutors drive to your home to provide customized 1-on-1 tutoring
  • Home tutors help create a positive environment for student growth
  • Many tutors have already been background checked
  • Most tutors have a picture on their profile
  • Many tutors are certified school teachers
  • Many pricing options to fit your budget
  • All students are always treated with respect
  • Customer service is priority
  • Request up to 6 tutors at a time
  • Our average tutor response time is currently less than 2 hours
  • Most tutors receive text messages and check their email constantly so can contact new students within minutes
  • Earn FREE tutoring (call to ask us how)